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[News] Wei Lian's condolences turned out awkward

[2008-09-25] Lollipop member Wei Lian and a few girls in bikini was filming "Wu Di Qing Chun Ke", as one of the shui shui is on her periods so she couldn't be in the water. She was sitting alone aside, Wei Lian came up talking to her and looked through her bag. He was interested in the water bag and he said "Is this for cold water?" After he spoke he realise it's a warm water bag and was embarrassed.

Also Lollipop has been busy will filming their new MV "Cang Jing Ge", after working for 30 hours all of them were extremely tired. In an extremely tired and lack of sleep body they had to do a martial art combined dance routine. Their "zui quan" was complimented by the director and the filming went quickly.

Translated by Choco-late

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