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模范棒棒堂 2008.09.17 六棒學長震撼教育來囉 (上)

I finally stayed up until 1am to watch the PPS live and it just lags! So there's sounds but the video just freezes, thought of bringing first news to everyone but looks like I have to wait until I download it.

It feels so good writting about MFBBT again! Ever since they graduated I feel like so boring as I don't have anything to update everyday.

Since Lollipop at the start of the show said things about ratings, I wonder if the ratings is really dropping down. But I'm glad to see them coming back to the show and they look so shuai as usual with the new uniform although it looks a bit weird to me. When they appeared they immediately made whole atmosphere high, I can't say this episode was funny but definitely not boring at all. So the 6 of them came out and they all look like they can't wait to talk, they just kept talking and not 1 second of the episode was silent.

So they talked about which didi gave them good impression, looks like A Man popularity is rising up. Xiao Yu said he's been watching MFBBT all the time but he couldn't say anyone names out but Xiao Jie could and was said by other members are he got nothing better to do.

New didis step up in the middle and Lollipop as seniors gave them advice on how to do better, the 3 black angle showed off their breaking. Xiao Jie being really mad at his little brother You Zi. And seem like You Zi is quite scared of Xiao Jie as when he was asked "who do you think is hotter?" He wouldn't dare to say himself in front of his brother. So the show ended with Xiao Jie fiercely staring at his little brother. More of Lollipop on MFBBT in the next episode, don't miss out!

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