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無敵青春克 2008.09.19 青春跳躍淘汰賽 (下)

More of the elimination for the jump photo shoot. Most of the shui shui got really low in this episode.

Some of the photos are really funny, one of the one I remember which was funny is Cha Cha's photo because all of her photos her chin is pointed way to high which you can't even see her face. Then in Quan Quan's photo Kevin and Andy started a fight both with different opionion, Kevin gave full score 5 while Andy gave 2 only. They began to argue which was fun to watch.

Niiki and Si Yi group was the worst one out of all. I thought Nikki got 5 was the lowest but Si Yi got 4 which is the lowest out of all. Andy was a little harsh and gave both of them zero.

After going through the shui shui's photo, the judges will pick the best and worst ones. I kind of knew that they would pick Ashly as the best one and she did get picked.

3 shui shui will get eliminated and the first one is Kang Ni, then it's Jun Jun, last one is Bu Ding.

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