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  • 2009.07.XX - Lollipop Hong Kong concert

Taipei what up 台北之音

I think this was just then, Lollipop sure is being in quite a lot of radio lately. I don't even know about it until just then but luckily there's always someone who records it.

They were so cute when I listen to it I feel so happy. So they are there to promote their upcoming album and talk about it. After a little talk with the host they broadcast "Cang Jing Ge". After that they talked about HTQXZ, Wang Zi said the lyric he wrote he would give it to Xiao Jie to look at it and when he said okay then it's okay.
It was funny how A Wei said he and Wei Lian also wrote a song but gave up without giving it to Xiao Jie to take a look at it.

Afterward they talked about the experience of DJ, Ao Quan, Xiao Jie and A Wei haven't done it yet so only Wang Zi, Xiao Yu and Wei Lian talked about it. Funny things happened and it was amusing. So the talk ended with "Mi Mi Ji Di" being broadcast.

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