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無敵青春克 2008.09.18 青春跳躍淘汰賽 (上)

It's time to kick some shui shui out, first part of the elimination!
So from the previous episode, they had a jump photo shooting and now we get to see the result. 5 different judges are invited including, Kevin, You Li, Andy ge, Rei Sha, and the photographer.

Some of the poses are really funny and the comments the judges made makes it even more funnier. If you don't watch this show and you want to look at the photos, you can go to the official website where it's posted on the homepage.

Ashly got the highest score (I think) and she got the like of the photographer. But her pose was really nicely posed. Bu Ding's pose was extremely funny, they all laughed and said "Vampire" (the olden Chinese vampire pose). Chai Fei's pose got laughed like architecture pose.

The rest of it will be continue in the next episode!

Youtube Links (uploaded by sugoishows)
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