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Wang Zi search for Princess Event

It probably have nothing to do with us oversea fans but some people might want to know about this. So EMI is now changed to Gold Typhoon, there's an Wang Zi search for Princess event.

The details are:
1st Round (online selection) 9/27 - 10/9 - Gold Typhoon will select 20 contestant online
2nd Round 10/11 - Taipei autograph event will select 10 out of the 20
3rd Round (final) 10/16 - From MFBBT show Wang Zi will select 3 contestant to filming a MV with him.

The criteria is 16-24 years old, first number of your ID must start with a "2". This one is funny, guys cannot crossdress as girls to enter the contest.

It didn't say what MV it will be so it might be Wang Zi's song Dui Bu Qi or maybe another artist song. But since they say the final will be held at MFBBT, I'm really happy because I can see Wang Zi again at MFBBT it's going to be fun!


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Becky says
29 September 2008 at 8:16 am

WHAT!? LUCKY! darn its so sad for us fan overseas..>_<....

1 October 2008 at 1:02 am

ohman.they should just organize it overseas