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[News] HTQXZ finished filming

[2008-09-20] After filming for a few months HTQXZ has finally finished filming, on the celebration event all the actors and actress attended. All the didis and meimeis have suffer a lot during the filming process as it's an action drama where they often get hurt. Now that it's finished filming all the didis and meimeis are high, Hei Girl's Ya Tou, Xiao Xun and Xiao Man can now concentrate on promoting their album and Lollipop's Wang Zi will focus on "Ai Dao Di" filming.

Although half of the casts are young teens but there's also expereinced casts like Chen Xiao Xuan. Because of the generation gap Chen Xiao Xuan was scared they would have communication problems but it wasn't a problem at all once they cooperated. She expressed that it was a great fun working with these kids, they were all well mannered. At first she thought they would have these "idol's attitude" but after working with them she finds that they are really serious about it.

Xu Xiao Shun another actor in the drama, first time working with him everyone was laughing of his jokes. Xu Xiao Shun was very popular with the meimeis because he can do fortune telling.

For the most memorable part in the drama everyone said it's the kissing scene. Xiao Xun talked about the kissing scene with Wang Zi, maybe because she was very nervous so she kept NGing on the day and Xiao Xun felt so awkward. While talking Xiao Xun said her first kiss was given when she was 18 years old and the distination was in a car. Also another kissing scene was Ya Tou and A Wei, although their kissing scene wasn't as passionate as Xiao Xun and Wang Zi one. But Ya Tou felt pity to given her first screening kiss so easily to A Wei.

Translated by Choco-late

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