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MFBBT Preview - Our Seniors is back again!

I knew Lollipop wouldn't just appear on the show for once since they even made them new uniform. But I can't believe they are appearing again so quickly.

3 consecutive episodes with the old didis, it really makes me wonder if the ratings are in trouble. But whatever it is we're the ones who's happy about it because we finally get to see back the old times of MFBBT.

#550 六棒底迪經驗傳授 - 2008-09-23

Continuing from previous lessons from Lollipop, this time Lollipop will teach the boys recordings' techniques! Other than teaching how to follow the music teacher tempo also teaches them how to get into the show's 破口 (I don't know what that suppose to mean). They also will expose how cruel the entertainment media is. Under the lead of the seniors how will these boys improve?

#551 九月壽星PK大賽 - 2008-09-24

To celebrate 2 September birthday didis A Pang and Wei Yu, producer dumped money to celebrate. To receive something they will have to give something, 2 birthday boys only 1 can selfishly celebrate and the other one will have to bungee jump. A Pang and the producers already talked to trick Wei Yu so that A Pang will win. But Wei Yu suddenly lost controll and the atmosphere turned very awkward. For the show's reaction what will A Pang do? A super exciting birthday challenge, do not miss out!

#552 二軍回來大爆料 - 2008-09-25

Long time no see Er Jun is back home! This time their coming back is to teach the new didis recording techniques but they also bao liao! Wei Yu said that during high school time A Liang is really good at wooing girls and A Liang also said back Wei Yu. A very close photo of Wan Zi and a girl? The seniors breaks the boys lies! How will the second season didis survive from the senior's bao liao? Don't miss out!

Translated by Choco-late

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