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New Monday Vol.414

This should be in the Vol.414 of New Monday. So in the Wang Zi and Ya Tou part, they said that Ling Hu's heart didn't change while Jian Ling was the one first who changed her heart and when Ling Hu finds out he didn't say anything and just slowly walked away.

If Ling Hu still likes Jian Ling does that mean he never liked Ying Ying? Or was he confused about it and finds out that he still likes Jian Ling. But it's weird, from what I see he obviously likes Ying Ying otherwise he wouldn't get jealous when he saw her with Chu Liu Xiang and always think about her.

So the ending might be either Ling Hu will be with Ying Ying or alone. I don't mind him ending up with Ying Ying but I think being alone would be more suitable for his character, it's more cool that way.


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