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模范棒棒堂 2008.09.23 六棒學長錄影經驗傳授 綜藝咖就是這麼來的

Lollipop is back again with more training for the new didis. This time they will teach the new didis some techniques on how to save the show when it's silent, reacting by the music, getting on preview and showing talents.

Them coming back just makes a big difference, the whole show was more lively and Fanfan was more hyper. They appeared and the new didi doesn't stand a chance to talk at all, they all just sat quietly. Lollipop appeared trying to imitate the new didis by acting as innocent, at first I didn't didn't realise but when I watch it again it does look like the new didis because they all aren't hyper. Then Xiao Yu demostrated the rock version.

Fanfan and Lollipop have really good chemistry, I laughed when they were doing the jumping thing for the director to cut. Fanfan was so cute when they kept on doing it. After that Lollipop demostrate how to interview a guest, A Man and A Pang was called to try it. They both did good on the interview part especially A Pang who have the harder part as being interviewed.

Afterward Lollipop teaches the new didis how to save the show when it's silent. Fanfan immediately told them to demonstrate, telling them to sit in the front row. Lollipop was so cute snatching the seats. Fanfan said a joke "There was once a apple... who got eaten!" Lollipop immediately started laughing and falling down on their seat just like last time they taught the new didi. Ao Quan and A Wei continue to joke to continue the laughter although it's not funny at all but seeing them like I was laughing my head off. So then the new didi tried it but somehow it looks very weird and fake. Although Lollipop was super fake but it was natural fake. And what the heck is A Liang doing cartwheeling out?

The next part was the music part, this is also the most funniest part of all. If you have watch the first season you all know that the music teacher control didi's action. Whatever music was put on they have to react to it. Lollipop immediately demostrated to, first it a Machi song then it's the popular Rhianna move. Then Xiao Le was cued to do it but he's not open enough so it looks very weird so Lollipop kind of helped him.

Xiao Le said the first music was hard and told the seniors to demonstrate. Fanfan cued Ao Quan but Xiao Jie said there's no point and pushed Wang Zi out. The other 5 said it's Xiao Jie who pushed him out and stuff. As a fan of Wang Zi I thank Xiao Jie for doing that, I also want to see Wang Zi dancing like that. But Ao Quan was nice enough to do it with him so it wouldn't look so dull.

First song was the Souja Boys song as usual they old move, second song was the old opening dance and they still remembered it. Last song was a Ricky Martin song, the move where Ao Quan and Wang Zi was face to face Fanfan at the back screaming surprised that Wang Zi is so open now. It was meant to stop here and the Michael's song suddenly came and all of them were doing the Michael's move, this part was such a crack!

Then the first row of the new didis also trying to do what Lollipop demonstrated. Indeed it looks very unnatural, unwilling and weird. When it comes to the poppin music Xiao Le and A Liang felt a bit safe as they can just dance how they usually were. Some didis just stayed aside and left them two show off. And again thought that it's the end but the Rhianna music poppped up, all the new didis did the same usual Rhianna movie and Lollipop joined in as well. But A Pang on the side who was doing something else trying to stand out more.

Xiao Jie compliment on A Pang for doing something different and he got to do a solo performance of it. A Pang can be really funny but sometimes I just can't stand his girliness.

Next part is how to get on preview. A Wei and Wei Lian even tried competing each other before on who got the most preview. Ao Quan said because of that the staffs had to throw away a lot of tapes. Xiao Yu explained some techniques on how it can be on preview, Ao Quan immediately demonstrate it out.

The demonstrate was immediately cut and made into a preview.

Afterward ICE out of nowhere said "WHO ARE YOU?" and everyone had no idea, he was also kind of embarass about it afterward. Then A Wei told ICE and Tan Ke to try doing something to be on the preview. The story is that Tan Ke was tripped by ICE but they both fall down on the fall. Because both of them didn't say a word A Wei immediately said this part will definitely be cut out everyone started laughing.

A Wei and Ao Quan demonstrate the same thing and had a total different effect. Once again it was cut and turned into a preview immediately.

Next part is the talent part, over these 2 years Lollipop have performed a lot on the show and there's always 1 or 2 performance which is remembered and once we see it we think of them.
First off was Ao Quan's Michael Ao Quan dance, A Liang will be challenging combining with his new style and some of MJ to form his own style. A Liang's performance was great but it was a bit plain as there's no memorable move in his dance.

Then it was Wei Lian's cheerleading dance, and of course Dui Zhang is challenging that. Dui Zhang just kept on doing flips and he tired himself out, after doing all that hard work people might not even remember him as we don't see his face much.

Next up is Xiao Yu's You Make Me A Fool performance, Xiao Bang who's talented in variety of instrument will be challenging this. He sang the same song, got his bass and keyboard out. He was told that maybe the keyboard can be taken away as it blocks the way you stand.

Next up is Wang Zi's infamous Tae Kwon Do dance which received compliments. The two who will be challenging is Da Da and Xiao Xiao. Just have to say Da Da and Xiao Xiao needs to be more high, more energetic and more open. They were like half serious half kuso, I don't if I should laugh or watch it seriously. Then Wang Zi stood up and demonstrated that it should be more power instead of standing so loosely. Wang Zi did the kick and A Wei on the side who was holding the mic for Wang Zi immediately fly off and everyone laughed, that was good.

Next is Xiao Jie's basketball dance and A Pang will be challenging it. I must say A Pang he's gonna regret this when he watch it back one day. But he received compliment from Xiao Jie saying he's more kuso than Da Da Xiao Xiao. It's funny how they were all laughing at A Pang's arm pit hair because it was so long.

Last one is A Wei's head spin he did during the new year episode. The only one B-Boy amongst the new didi is Wan Zi, so he's the one who's challenging it. Wan Zi's breaking isn't smooth enough like A Wei, Ao Quan and Xiao Jie. It's as if I'm seeing him having a difficult time while breaking. The guys trying to cue A Wei to do the head spin but he refuse to do it because it will mess up his hair.

This was really a fun episode I hope Lollipop can come back to this show and interact with the new didis. And please the new didis must learn fast, I don't know how long I can stand them.

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