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This morning I just know that Wang Zi, Wei Lian and Xiao Yu was the host of a radio show yesterday. I miss out on it otherwise I could have recorded it but today it's the other 3 members.

9/29 - This is the recorded version of Wang Zi, Wei Lian and Xiao Yu as DJ host. It has Mi Mi Ji Di recorded very clear, it's only 9mins? That's short or is there another part that I'm missing?

I knew the above link isn't the whole thing, I found the whole thing. The file is quite big, 72MB.
You can download it here:

So many rock songs, I'm not a fan of rock but pop rock is fine for me. When they were broadcasting "It's my life" you can hear them singing some parts of it, I don't know whether if they forgot to turn off the mic or did that purposely but it was cute!

The call out was funny but it was a bit hard to listen as it's noisy, my ears was in pain because I had to turn it really high to hear it. It's funny how they all know it's live and a lot of people are listening to it.

9/30 - I missed the start of it so when I started listening they were broadcasting Cang Jing Ge. I like the songs they broadcast than yesterday because yesterday there's too much rock songs.

This one has a lot of Japanese songs so I think most of them were choosen my Xiao Jie as he likes listening to Japanese songs. But I like listening to Japanese songs so it's cool for me.

The call out, that girl they called was so hyper and crazy. I don't understand what she was saying no wonder Ao Quan wants to hang up on her.

I got excited when they broadcast "Noona, You're So Pretty" the song by SHINee, because currently I love this band so that's why I got excited.

The last person they called Andy ge and Andy ge was like "I'm Wang Zi". There was Mi Mi Ji Di and it was cute how they imitate Dennis.

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