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[News] Said by Lollipop: Cannot stand to continue watching it

[2008-09-17] From the past Mo Fan Bang Bang Tang show 6 Lollipop members received shocking training, their results after graduation was alright. Although they left the show but they still take notice of the new didis. As for the new didis’ performance they are extremely unsatisfied about it, worrying that the ratings will drop. Lollipop’s leader Ao Quan said “Can’t stand it after watching 1 episode of it”.

To give the new didis pressure, senior Ao Quan, Xiao Jie and A Wei showed their breaking moves. Wei Lian also improved his dancing a lot after he left Mo Fan Bang Bang Tang, he immediately showed off but was commented by the new didis that he gained weight. As was to give pressure to the new didis but was turned out to be laughed, Wei Lian admitted that he did gain a little weight and luckily his pants didn’t rip while dancing.

The seniors left the show but they still care about the show, they secretly observed the new didis' performance, Ao Quan said it in a very strict tone “I can’t stand watching it! What are they performing?”

A new didi said that he’s A Wei’s student, A Wei then whispered to Wei Lian and said “I don’t even remember I taught him before, but he kept saying I’m his teacher, what’s wrong with him?” Wei Lian immediately repeated those words out, everyone laughed and Fanfan immediately said “Seniors sure have much more experience, Wei Lian good job! This is what we called ‘Zuo Geng’, do you understand? Didi need to learn this”.

Translated by Choco-late

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