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[News] Lollipop Xiao Jie teases his teacher

[2008-09-28] 3 years of not returning his old school, Xiao Jie first accomplish his old dream of climbing over the wall and skipping class. His biggest wish was to visit his English teacher Liang Qiu Mei, Mrs Liang saw Xiao Jie and said "So handsome! I have been watching MFBBT". Xiao Jie said students used to give him lunch so that he can teach them English, Mrs Liang was surprise to hear that and said "Too late to give him a warning now".

Xiao Jie said Mrs Liang influence him a lot in listening English, before going to Singapore Xiao Jie helped A Wei translate a lot of English he also said some funny things that happened during on the plane. The stewardess asked A Wei if he want "chicken" or "beef" and A Wei replied "I want kitchen". Xiao Jie immediately laughed and was glad that he develops a good understanding of English.

Although it's Xiao Jie favourite subject but sometimes he would sleep in class. He remember once there was a classmate slept during class and dewed a puddle of saliva he suddenly woke up and slam his hand on the puddle of saliva and it spatted on Xiao Jie. Right until now Xiao Jie is still angry about it. Mrs Liang also has a trick to against students who like sleeping in class and she demonstrated it while Xiao Jie was joking around on the side.

Xiao Jie who likes to play pretended to be a ninja and sneaked in the library, he was very different compared to now. Xiao Jie sighed and said he was called "Liao Jun" until the graduation. Flipping through the graduation booklet he especially pointed out the photos where he pretended to be a ninja.

In primary school Xiao Jie used to be in the batminton team, but once he's in high school he doesn't want to be sporty. Xiao Jie who’s hygienic hated playing basketball especially when you have contact with others so he becomes the president of the dancing club. The P.E. teacher said he used to ask Xiao Jie to play basketball but he would start dancing, while dancing he would say "Aren't I cool?" The P.E. teacher Mr Yang was passionate telling the students to take photos with their senior and autographs.

Translated by Choco-late

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