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模范棒棒堂 2008.10.02 黑糖群俠齊聚棒棒堂 六棒既出 誰與爭鋒

Finally waited for this episode to come, Lollipop looked really hot wearing the costume in the MV and they said they are only wearing it on MFBBT and no other shows.
They performed the chorus dance part for Cang Jing Ge, just like how they did before for YES. The dance was really cool, hope to see a full version live of it. I see Wang Zi, Xiao Yu and Wei Lian improved in their dancing which is a good thing.

Afterward as it looks odd so they went and change back to their normal promotion clothing, once again they still look hot with the other clothing. Then it's the questioning part from the didis, first thing was asked of course is the kissing scenes! So A Wei and Wang Zi talk about it, I did read on news that A Wei sticked his tounge out. Xiao Yu was like "Not fair I didn't get to have any close contact with anyone". The part where they said Xiao Xun was a man eater was funny, if you listen to what Wang Zi said it's funny how he used the word "used" and "second hand", just sound bad for Xiao Xun.

Before the didis' performance Lollipop sang Mi Mi Ji Di, only a short part of it. Afterward it's the performances from didis. The most amusing part was Ao Quan imitating A Liang, Shen Zi and Eason. Ao Quan was so damn funny!

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